Monday, January 17, 2011


I had  to  listen  to a  story  that was narrated in one of  the speeches  during  my final  year of graduation .
That was scintillating !

 Imagine as  you keep  reading  this .
" You are fortunate enough  to  have a beautiful wife  and a  son . You are quite wealthy.
Your consider  your  son  to  be  the source  of  joy. You think  he  is  your  life. Your thickest friend lives opposite  to  your home .You love your friend  so  much that  you won't  hesitate to do  anything for  him.He  too trusts  your friendship in abundance. His kid  and  your son  too  become thick pals. One fine  day you plan a  picnic where  only  you  have  to accompany  as  a sole guard  with  your  son and  your friend's  kid. You take  them to  a beautiful dense forest. You are  busy flicking  your  camera. Suddenly you hear a scream and find  both  the  children being  bitten  by a venomous snake. You cry aloud  for  help, your  heart  beats  faster ,you  sweat in fear and  pray God.
 A  forest  hermit passes  by who says he  has a medicine extracted  from a rare plant  but that can save only  one life!:(  

Question:  Whom do  you save ? 

We were asked  to come  to  the stage  and share our views.

A student  from the department  of  maths answered: " I  shall give  the  medicine  only to  my son  though
I  don't  want really want to let  die  of  my  friend's kid.I will save  my son."

Another student from  the department of Computer science  said:  I shall save  my friend's  son because I  regard  friendship more  than  anything."

Another student from  Commerce interrupted saying: Are you really regarding your friendship  or  acting  in  fear of getting  sued by  your friend for being  responsible  for  his kid's  death?

Soon  the smiling  speaker took over , asking  us  to  leave  the story apart  . If  you  save your friend's kid you  are anyways  unhappy .The inner  dialogue associated with this are:

1. I lost  my  son. I miss  him.   2.I  killed my  own son. 3. I should  have saved  my  son. 

If  you save  your own kid , you  will  again  be  guilty  of  acting partial, and  keep facing your conscience.
Remaining  unhappy  again.

Thoughts that flow are:
1.  I  am a bad  man. 2.  I  did  not  value  his  friendship. 3.  I  killed his  son. 4.  I am  self  centered.
5. My  friend is genuine yet I don't  deserve his  love 6. Will  God  forgive me ? 7.  Am  I  a  sinner?
8.  I hate myself .

In crux, man is not  happy. All happiness  he knows are conditional and  are born  out  of some reasons.
Mind  intervention is  constant because man  is  not enlightened. Enlightenment is like an  air. Very basic
requirement of  man  today  is  enlightenment.

Here  the action is  not  important, Only  "Watching" is important. We have  to  watch our  mind  here to  understand how  beautifully it  conducts its game all over  again. If  we  practice "watching"  without  any
judgement or  condemnation , the mind ceases completely and joy flowers effortlessly. This  "Joy" is beyond human imaginations. It is  not  based on  any conditions. A person  shall be  happy for  no  reason, in  other words great saints and  mystiques called it " Enlightenment" OR  the " Life  of Awareness".

You  are  not  living ,  but only  existing. You  are not fundamentally  aware that  your mind  keeps wandering around all  the  time . There is  always an inner  movie. There  is  always mind  commentary going  on . You  loose  your  self  to the  inner dialogues, knowing  not where  and how  to stop.

Tremendous applauses went  on for  some time . This was heart awakening. I  would  say  it  really moved me .The  truth is "  MIND KEEPS  WANDERING IN  PAST OR  IN FUTURE IRRESPECTIVE  OF  WHAT ACTION  YOU PUT  FORTH" .

In crux : Mind's nature is to  wander in past or  in  future thereby  not  letting  us  
experience  anything in full. To control  the  mind  is  to become  " AWARE " of  it as a mark  of  first
postulate.  The  so  called  self journey  is unfathomable. It  is  an " Abyss".A person who becomes aware
will  not  be lost  in  the  maze  of  conflicting thoughts. He  will experience and  act to the command from
heart not bothering much about what others think, not getting keen into doing good or doing bad , but doing the right thing.

 I know sailing the ocean of self awareness may appear to be difficult for starters ( that includes myself too)
Yet I feel more interesting it is going to be when we discover that the journey is abyssal in nature.