Thursday, September 13, 2012

Black and White Magic

In Robert Louis Stevenson's words:

"EARLY in the morning I hear on your piano 
You (at least, I guess it's you) proceed to learn to play. 
Mostly little minds should take and tackle their piano 
While the birds are singing in the morning of the day."

Looks like  R.L Stevenson had told this to make me play and practice the music. I wonder who is at the back of birds that sing in the morning of the day. I don't see any improvement graph in birds's singing. They sing so perfectly at the very scratch. I am at times envious. I suggest you to spend some quality time listening to their songs.   
When I sat down after finishing all my house hold work, and went online, I saw a beautiful google doodle opening up in my home page showing a lovely young lady with her jubilant kids trying to play the piano. Clara Schumenn must be definitely experiencing happiness on a high note today from above, seeing her picture on the doodle that celebrates her 193rd birthday. Schumenn was a German musician considered "one of the most distinguished pianists of the Romantic era". That s nice to know about a woman pianist because I remember only Beethovan, Mozart when it comes to piano. 

My eagerness to play the instrument doubled by seeing such a doodle. I have always been passionate about playing the piano right from my school days. I thank my beloved husband for encouraging me to share my enjoyments with the instrument. I, a beginner and on the learning curve, am amazed at every aspect of this music. Its structure, tones, scales, chords all line up to tickle my senses. 

I remember since when I was 6, I started differentiating instruments in movie songs. I wasn't sure of which sound refered to which musical instrument but I was told by my parents that I never forgot to wave my hands for violin, drums, tabla and piano medleys by doing some funny stunts with all giggles and grins. I guess my parents would have definitely made me do all that for them to get some laughter and entertainment. I forgive them as everything is fair in parental affection :-) My hugs to them.

It was in my teens that I developed a keen observation of baseline music that kept running throughout  the song or upto certain extent to add extra grace to the main melodies. Now technically speaking the chords part (the broken form, or arpeggios) -  be it played in guitar or keyboard/ piano, or violin, enchanted my ears. I used to wonder at the composition.
I would like to give some examples. Starting with MGR - mejastically playing the piano in the song - Kanpona pokile... The piano intro would be mindblowing. The lyrics too are electrifying.
Shivaji comes next with his one of the blockbusters- Uyartha manithan- the heroine Sowcar janaki 's song- Athanin muthangal.. she played the piano. Please listen to the piano intro to get lost in the maze of admiration.
Violin is magical in one of the 80s hits of Ilayaraja-  Edhu oru Pon malai pozhudhu

And the notes of the guitar in this ever green song - Ilaya Nila... - just give me the goosebumps.
I am linking here an extra ordinary video which is a new and refreshing version of the song from the Kamal hasan starrer Punnagai mannan. It is a theme music. It is a piano duet where four hands are required to play.

There's music in the sighing of a reed; 
There's music in the gushing of a rill; 
There's music in all things, if men had ears:
Their earth is but an echo of the spheres. 

Did you hear the poet "Lord Byron"- humming?

I cherish this for ever and now leave  you a question - How does music inspire you?

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