Saturday, May 19, 2012


We live in a society where every thing is on a schedule. Whether the job requires a time card or not,  many of us are forced to be ever -conscious of the clock and this may not be the best way to work. We carry forward the habit of being time conscious for an occasion that does not need. 

Recently we planned for a movie to which my parents in law accompanied. Their home is two kilo meters away from ours. It was planned in such a way that they would come in the car and we would go in a bike. 

It was at the peak of sunshine when we started from home and my mom in law told me that we too could have joined them in the car and avoided the hot sun.

I felt she was right as it was a genuine concern. My husband was too time conscious that he wanted to be there half an hour before. Tickets were already booked online though. 

I was thinking from my mom in law's perspective.  She could have been happier on us accompanying her in the car .  For her the fun is not hanging out to a movie, it is about being with us. Any mother would naturally like to have her son around , that too when being a  week end or he was on a planned leave. 

I shared my thoughts to my  husband about it . Prioritizing is important here. I felt he should not have prioritized time at the cost of being togetherness. Losing first few scenes of the movie is really not a great loss , hence not worthy for a '' worry''. 

I would definitely not have an iota of guilt in case I was late for an outing like movie. 

To be honest I was never punctual during my college days. I request you not to be like me too. Let me not pat you on your wrong back. What I did was a mistake. 

I now have learnt to value time yet I suggest you to prioritize it in a right way. When it is an important occasion that demands our presence well in advance, we have to be on time. 

Job seekers and office goers need to be on time because that is how the society is structured. Here comes an opinion from a free lance writer living in the Pacific north west. '' Kori  Roadley Irons''  . She starts with a question.,''  Is there a way to let go of some of that time -consciousness to free up creativity and efficiency ?''  

She believes much time is spent and wasted checking with the clock and hence we may have to held back in terms of productivity , problem- solving capability and especially quality. 

I now stick on to a popular belief ,'' Over -doing of anything is always counter- productive.  

Try to relax being less time sensitive and to enjoy being conscious of others feelings and emotions. This is really a great man's work loved by God. 


  1. Beautifully written.

  2. I love the honesty about you never being punctual during college days !!! :)
    And I also appreciate your concerns about how your in-laws need to spend some time with their son during weekends...there arent many dils who think like that in today's, that itself sets you apart !!! Hugs :)

    1. @umasreflections -Thank you in abundance Uma . I value you comments.I would like your reviews for my other articles too. Please go through if you have enough time. Loads of love!